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MIFARE S70 Chip Card

Posted by LuoHaiMing on Wednesday, 18 January, 2017  14:35

http://www.topsmartcard.com Product DescriptionBasic information:1.Name:4K S70 Gift Card2.Material:PVC3.Size:85.5*54*0.38,0.76,0.86mmmm or in customized 4.Chip:Mifare 4K S70 5.Memory:4K6.Printing:Offset printing,silkscreen printing or digital printingCustomized options:Signature Panels,Magnetic Stripes,Hot Laser Graphics,UV Laminate Overlay Embossed,Gold, Silver or Red Foil Stamped,Concave,Matte Finish Full Colour Offset or Digital,Barcode Cards,QR Codes,Numbered Key Chain Tags,3up Cards,Custom Sizing available,Die CutArt Center Customized Options for Printing Cards Our Services1.professional design-meet your usage2.technology consultation-resolve you tech problems3.Self-owned factory-guarantee quantity,quality and productivity time4.competitive price-well balance price based on top quality productsProduct Pictures FAQQ1:Can you help me design?A1:Surely,our design department offers free service to meet your requirement.It is better that you can provide with your design,which will facility the procedure and save time .Q2:How to send you with my design,and tell the details?A2:You need to send the design in CI or PSD format.We will confirm all the informationwith you before placing and manufacture order.Q3:How do you guarantee the quality?A3:We will provide free samples to you before placing the bulk order to ensure the quality.The turn around time for sample is about 5 days.Q4:What is going on if the sample is much different to the design?A4:We offer sample service is aiming to make everything correct.If there are some difference,we will make change to match the design with 100%.Q5:What about the invalidity,if the products do not work?A5:The average breakage rate in the past decades has been controlled within a acceptable rate.Each of card will be test before shipment,shipping condition has little affection on the quality.Q6:What about the shipment and after-service?A6:The shipment time and method are associated with total quantity.You can choose your favor,or we may arrange the most -effective and fast one.Any questions you have,you welcome with us at any your conveniencePackaging & ShippingCard:200pcs/ box (21.5*9*5.5 cm) , 2000pcs/carton ( 48*23*14cm)All the items will be packed in cartoon box with good condition.Goods of large quantity and not in an urgent will be dispatched by sea,cost-effectiveUrgent and smaller orders by air or express,to save timeIf you have an agency in China,we will ship the goods by truck,costing the lowest
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Lock Jaw Collar

Posted by Yu an chen on Wednesday, 18 January, 2017  13:42

http://www.yidongsportss.com Lock-Jaw collarOlympic Lock-Jaw collar, Patent Lock-Jaw collar, Top grade qualitySizes: 50MM, 25MM, 28MM, 30MM
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Post# M17406
Order Online Food in Delhi

Posted by Sanjay on Wednesday, 18 January, 2017  16:25

When it is so cold outside and no cash in the wallet, make the best out of making your food reach right at your door step with ease and absolute comfort. Order Online Food in Delhi for any of your piping hot and sizzling delicacies to be delivered fresh right at your door step! We cover many top notch restaurants from the capital city that offers a great array of delicious dishes to make your pick from. You are free to order all that your hearts desires, on a single platform awhile you have a lot to choose from, undoubtedly. Listing doe the best and the most authentic flavors of the Indian cuisine, exotic other cuisines like Chinese, Mexican and continental and so much more! Contact us: 501- 502, Star Infinity Building, Sector-14, Plot No.-14, Seemant Vihar, Kaushambi, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh 201010 Phone: 09971118775 http://www.foodiesquare.in/
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Switch Gears Up To 220 KVA Low Voltage Power Panels

Posted by brilltech in on Wednesday, 18 January, 2017  16:18

Brilltech which offers and appropriates Electrical Products and Services to clients worldwide.With development and nonstop change at the heart of its business execution.we have concoct an unfathomable scope of Switch gears up to 220 KV.see more:-http://www.brilltech.in/product-description/switchgears-up-to-220-kva/4/39
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Titanium Alloy Casting Process

Posted by Mr.Shi on Wednesday, 18 January, 2017  15:38

http://www.xagx-casting.com Xi'an GX Mechano-Electronic Co.,Ltd is a leading China titanium alloy casting process manufacturer and supplier, and also a professional titanium alloy casting process foundry, factory and company, please feel free to contact us at any time.Table I   Brand and Mechanical Property of General Casting Titanium Alloy in Our Country   Brand                     Code Name         Tensile Strength         Yield Strength       Elongation        Hardness≥                             HBS≤ZTi1                          ZTA1                          345                            275                20                       210    ZTi2                           ZTA2                          440                            370                13                        235    ZTi3                           ZTA3                          540                            470                12                        245    ZTiA14                      ZTA5                           590                            490                10                        270    ZTiA15Sn2.5             ZTA7                          795                             725                  8                        335   ZTiA16V4                   ZTC4                          895                             825                  6                        365   ZTiMo32                    ZTB32                         795                             ——                 2                        260   ZTiA16Sn4.5-            ZTC21                         980                             850                  5                        350   Nb2Mo1.5  Table II  Mechanical Property of Several High-strength Titanium Alloy  Brand      Tensile Strength     Yield Strength     Elongation   w/%      E/Gpa      TB8            1250                       1105                     8            15TC21          1100                      1000                      8            12           115Ti-18          1300                      1150                     15           40  Titanium surface treatment include: 1. Corrosion resistance and surface treatment 1) the atmospheric oxidation treatment 2) precious metal coating 3) dry coating TiC, TiA membrane (CVD, w2, PCVD) 4) Pb + Pt + injection (ion beam and electron beam) 2. Wear resistance surface treatment 1) wet coating 2) thermal diffusion method 3) welding method 4) sputtering 5) CVD, PCD, PCVD method 6) ion implantation 3. Then surface treatment 1) surface finish 2) the mirror finishing 3) color Than titanium alloy with high strength, good corrosion resistance, heat resistance, non-magnetic and many other advantages, has been in the aerospace, aviation, ships, chemical, and biological medicine and other fields for a wide range of applications. But small coefficient of thermal conductivity of titanium, the surface hardness is low, prone to adhesive wear.Titanium and in contact with the material will produce strong interaction, contact corrosion; In a particular medium, also pitting and crevice corrosion will happen. About the surface treatment of titanium alloy processing : Surface carburizing. Surface nitriding. Oxidation treatment. The surface alloying.           Application: Automotive, aerospace, medical, petroleum, sports, life and integrated application.Titanium features:1. Light weight and hard surface2. Eco-friendly, Strong and firm3.Corrosion resistance,rustproofProduct Fllow1.Inquiry with drawings in details.2.Confirm steel material, chemical compositions, mechanical properties, tolerance.3.Confirm payment terms,order materials or check material in stock.4.Check material chemical compositions, material weight, dimensions.5.Cut materials record weight, making mould for casting of pr-hearting for forging.6.Forging ratios, heat treatment ,dimension check.7.Rough machining, UT test,heat treatment.8.Semi-finish, quenching,8.Fine machining, UT test, dimension inspection, mechanical properties test.9.Customer inspection, packing, delivery arrangement.EAF+LF+VD/VAD or ESRManufacturing processEAF + LF + VD+ Forging+ Normalizing & Tempering + Rough machining + UT test + Quenching & Tempering + Precision machiningReportChemical composition report, Physical properties report, Heat treatment report, Dimensional inspection report, NDT reportNondestructive test (NDT)UT ( ultrasonic testing ), MT ( magnetic particle testing ), PT ( penetrant testing)Quality certification : ISO 9001: 2008, IQNETMachining Shop:With our powerful precision CNC machining equipments such as lathes, milling machines and drilling press, we can easily operate Turning, Drilling and Milling. Furthermore, we are able to run other operations like cutting, grinding, bending, shaping, planning and sawing. Quality Control:GX has perfect casting auxiliary material inspection instrument and equipment, and set up the fast analyzer before furnace. Use spectrum analyzer, chemistry analyzer, metallographic analysis ,mechanical properties (tensile, impact and hardness) analysis of equipment and instruments for materials with the chemical composition of ontology sampling testing, microstructure examination and mechanical property test, to ensure adequate materials to meet the requirements of the use conditions. Overall product quality inspections is from raw materials incoming inspection, semi-finished products inspection, specimen testing, and products testing. We strictly follow the procedures of ISO 9001, IQC, IPQC & FQC. SYI has independent inspectors and QC engineers to check & record in accordance with the procedure and submited for approval/audit. Technical Support:GX has 10 years of independent development and design ability. We have 12 senior engineers, who is skilled at AUTO CAD, PRO ENGINEER, SOLID WORKS and other 2D & 3D softwares. We are able to design, develop, produce and deliver your PO according to your drawings, samples or just an idea. Dual control of standard productsand OEM products.If you have any requirements or question, please contact us freely. thanks.
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