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School Administration Made Simpler

Posted by Ranganath Shivaram on Thursday, 12 January, 2017  13:50
Managing schools is one of the greatest task at school. As the admin person has to keep track of everything happening around the school. Managing one side, Maintaining the data and sheets on other side. Isn't it a tedious work? Hence we've a solution for the challenging role of managing Schools. That is SchoolAdmin software from MarvelSoft. That will let you manage your school easily. It can manage fee payments, grade calculations, attendance, transportation, inventory, many reports with regard to every activity and also SMS and e-mail alerts. If these are academic management features, you can also manage events activities, school notice board and class notice board. On the other hand is the parent Login using which the parent can login into the software and view their kid's daily assignments, dairy and academic performance. When School admin can manage so many things why worry and stress yourself?
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