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Acid Yellow 17

Posted by lihui on Friday, 06 January, 2017  21:58
http://www.dyestuffchemical.com Product Description:  Acid yellow 17Basic infoC.I NOAcid yellow 17CAS  NO6359-98-4Other namesAcid Yellow 2GEINECS No228-819-0Strength120%MF:C16H10Cl2N4Na2O7S2AppearanceYellow powderH.S code3204120000Brand nameBITEStorageCool dry placeFeaturesSoluble in water is green light yellow, slightly soluble in ethanol and acetone, insoluble in other organic solvents.The strong sulfuric acid for green light yellow, it will be diluted don’t generate precipitation;In a red light yellow nitric acid. Its water solution with hydrochloric acid discoloration;Add sodium hydroxide solution almost discoloration. Its water solution and carved white piece of bleaching, but in the air oxidation, solution and show red light purple.In dyeing copper and iron ion colour and lustre is a little red and dark, discharge the gender is good.ApplicationMainly used for wool in strong acid dye in the bath dyeing, silk dyeing in acetic acid bath, polyamide fiber dyeing in formic acid dye bath.This product can be directly on the wool fabric printing, also can dye leather, and can be made into color which.Used on paper surface shading, can also be used in paint, medicine and cosmetics of shading.Packing & Delivery25kgs/ carton boxSize: 380 x 380 x 430 mm25kgs/iron drum (blue & black)Size:330 x 480 mm(crystal)Size:375 x 430 mm(powder)36 cartons or 27 drums for each Non fumigation pallets10000kgs/20ft containerFree sample of 50 grams availablePre-Shipment Sample necessarily offered.7-10 days delivery time after confirmed S/C
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