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Post# M17313
Inclining Conveyor

Posted by LiZhendong on Tuesday, 17 January, 2017  02:20

http://www.zhengkemachine.com Inclining conveyorInclining conveyor is also called corrugated sidewall belt conveyor. It has not only the advantages of common belt conveyor,Website:http://www.zhengkemachine.com, such as simple structure, steady performance, easy to fix, but also features with conveying at a big inclination,Compact structure, small covering area. It is widely used in recent years due to the requirement of conveying height, conveying capacity. Inclining conveyor has a wide application range of vertical shaft, coal mine, subway, self-unloading ship, continuous ship unloaded, cereal, metallurgy, chemical, cement.
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Post# M17312
Belt Conveyor

Posted by LiZhendong on Tuesday, 17 January, 2017  02:11

http://www.zhengkemachine.com Belt ConveyorIn industry production, belt dryer act as connection between different equipments to realize the continuous and automatic production which can improve efficiency and reduce labor intensity. Belt moves based on the principle of friction principle. It features with high conveying capacity, long conveying distance, steady performance, no movement between materials and belt, low noise, simple structure, easy to fix, low consumption, standard components. So, it is widely used in mining, metallurgy, casting, chemical, building materials industry, production line and hydropower station construction site.Technical Parameter:ModelLength (m) &      Required Power(kw)Speed      (m/s)Capacity      (t/h)400type≤12/2.212-20/2.2-420-25/3.5-7.51.25-2.030-60500type≤12/312-20/3-5.520-30/5.5-7.51.25-2.040-80650type≤12/412-20/4-5.520-30/5.5-111.25-2.080-120800type≤10/410-15/4.-5.515-30/5.5-151.25-2.0120-2001000type≤10/5.510-20/5.5-1120-40/11-221.25-2.0200-3201200type≤10/7.510-20/7.5-1520-40/15-301.25-2.0290-4801400type≤10/1110-20/11-2220-40/22/451.25-2.0400-6801600type≤10/1510-20/22-3020-50/30-751.25-2.0600-1080
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Post# M17311
Bucket Elevator

Posted by LiZhendong on Tuesday, 17 January, 2017  02:08

http://www.zhengkemachine.com Bucket ElevatorThe hopper scoops up the materials from the down storage, along with the conveyor belt or chain to lift to the top, bypass the upper wheel, turned down. The bucket elevator can in pouring the materials to receiver tank. The transmissionbelt of belt type bucket elevator adopts rubber belt, equipped on the upper or down transmission roller drum and the upper or down return roller drum. Generally, the chain type bucket elevator is equipped with two parallel transmission chain; there is a transmission chain wheel on the upper or down side, the down or upper side is one set of return chain wheel. Generally, the bucket elevator is equipped with casing, in order to prevent dust flying in it. The bucket elevator is suitable for conveying powdery, granulated and small lump without grinding cut **** and with small grinding cut **** materials, such as: coal, cement, stone, sand, clay, ore, etc., due to the  traction mechanism of hoister is  circular chain, so allow delivery higher temperature material.Technical Parameter:ModelMax. Hoisting Height      (m)Capacity      (m3/h)Hopper distance      (mm)Power      (kw)ZKE160283-85003-7.5ZKE20031.56-155003-7.5ZKE25030.1610-255004-11ZKE30030.1625-355005.5-15ZKE3503119-406007.5-18.5ZKE4003235-506007.5-22ZKE45032.742-606007.5-22
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Post# M17310
Double Shaft Shredder

Posted by LiZhendong on Tuesday, 17 January, 2017  02:03

http://www.zhengkemachine.com Double shaft shredderDouble shaft shredder/shredding machine is kind of mechanical equipment which can crush the large pieces of wood,Website:http://www.zhengkemachine.com, branches, straw, bamboo, tire etc material into small size by one time. It has features of large capacity, low consumption, high production efficiency, and easy to use and repair etc. Double shaft shredder is widely used in building materials, energy, chemical industry etc. It is the reliable equipment for energy conservation and environmental protection, waste recycling.Technical parameter:Model60010001200150016001900Motor power      (KW)15*230*237*255*2+375*2+390*2+3Spindle speed      (r/min)30-4030-4030-4030-4030-4030-40Capacity      (t/h)2-55-86-107-128-1510-25Weight      (T)2.556121315Cutter Qty      (Pcs)203442464850The cutter qty and cutter model can be designed based on different material.Cutter Dia.      (mm)400400400550550600Outlet size      (cm)3-103-103-103-103-103-10Bin dimension      (m)0.82-0.91.2*11.4*12*21.6*2.52.3*2Dimension      (m)2.6*2*1.93*2*1.93.2*2*1.94*1.7*2.46.5*1.6*2.48*2.5*2.4
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Post# M17309
Rotary Kiln

Posted by LiZhendong on Tuesday, 17 January, 2017  02:00

http://www.zhengkemachine.com Rotary KilnRotary Kiln features in simple structure,Website:http://www.zhengkemachine.com, convenient and reliable control of the production process, less wearing parts, high rates of operation. It’s not only used to calcine high-grade cement in cement plant, but also widely used in metallurgical, chemical, construction and other industries. The rotary kiln produced by our plant has strong structure, stable operation, high-quality products from the kiln and so on advantages, we can also advance efficient shaft preheated, five grade cyclone preheated.Technical parameter:Specification      (m)Capacity      (t/d)Main MotorMain ReducerWeight      (t)ModelPower      (kw)ModelRatioφ18x2672JZT2-72-430JZQ750-1-Ⅰ48.5766φ1.9/1.6x3972JZT2-72-430JZQ750-1-Ⅰ48.5766φ1.9x3684YCT315-4A37ZS110-5-Ⅲ78.1985.9φ2.2x4598.4JZT82-655ZA12593.93104φ2.5x40160Z2--9240ZS125-2-Ⅰ134.9143φ2.5x45170JTZ82-445ZS125-4-Ⅰ69.71148φ2.5x50180ZT3-72-430ZS145-9-Ⅴ122.8173φ2.5x60168YCT355-4B75ZS165-7-Ⅱ99.96222φ3x48360-480YCT355-4B75ZS145-7-Ⅱ100.4170.6φ3.1/2.5x78216-240Z4—225-3175ZS165-2-Ⅱ57.17268φ3x48700ZSN4-280-21B110MSY56-28-Ⅱ28244φ3x100.94450ZSN4-280-21B90NZS995-90-Ⅵ-L90526φ3.2x501000ZSN4-280-21B160MSY56-28-Ⅱ28252.4φ3.2x52600ZSN4-280-21B125ZSY1110-71BL71.54275φ3.3x521000ZSN4-280-11B125NZS995-40-Ⅵ-BR40283φ3.5x52.51400Z2-112180ZS17779.22360φ3.5x541500ZSN4-3156-092220ZSY500-40-Ⅴ40368φ3.6x70490ZSN4-280-11B125ZS177-5-Ⅱ79.2419φ3.95x562000Z4-280-32BTH250ZSY560-40-Ⅰ40417Φ4x2890ZSN4-280-21B160ZSY500-71-Ⅳ71300φ4x60m2500ZSN4-355-09Z315ZSY630-35.5-Ⅰ34.6523φ4.2x60m2800ZSN4-355-12420ZSY710-35.5-Ⅰ35.5---φ4.3x60m3000ZSN4-355-12375ZSY710-4040553φ4.8x75m5000ZSN4-400-92630JH710-4042841
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